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Most often, The client defines his Goals in the Coaching process in terms of increasing his effectiveness – regardless of whether we are dealing with Business coaching or results connected with his professional effectiveness, or if it is Life coaching – that is The client’s private life.  A person’s activities are based on certain learned patterns, often unconscious.  Those patterns, that is a certain outline of our proceedings and Behaviour – is what we call a strategy.

Strategies are our internal paths of Behaviour, which we often follow completely unconsciously.  Actually, almost all our activities of a certain degree of complexity base on learned strategies.  There are strategies for decision making, reading, writing, solving conflicts, etc.  We often talk about life strategies or strategies for success.  The Problem arises when the Coachee is not happy with the effects of his activities, that is when he is not satisfied with the results that his strategies bring him.  In such a situation, the Coach offers his support to change the habits of the strategies at work. It is extremely important to correctly identify the client’s motivation for change, because strategies works at an unconscious level and require a lot of determination to change.  The first step usually is to identify what the current strategy is.  The easiest way to do this is to work on a specific example set in a particular context.  Generalisation is usually less effective,  because it could be difficult to define what the next step should be for a given strategy.  It is always possible to check how a strategy which has emerged from a particular case works in other situations, when the client achieved the same results.  The next step would then be to determine the Target state, that is to modify certain elements of a given strategy to bring different, desired results.  It is always recommended to strengthen the new strategy by assigning some Development tasks which the Coachee should perform between sessions.



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