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The Encyclopedia of Coaching has been created to address the need of arranging the mass of often contradictory information about coaching, and in an attempt to at least partially overcome the resulting chaos.   We live in the golden ages of internet where practically all information is easily available, often from many different sources. There is one major issue, though.  How can we tell if the information we found is reliable and credible? The Encyclopedia of Coaching (EC) is an answer to this question, as it collects verified information on the subject of coaching in one place.  I am aware, that we shall have to earn the trust of our readers, but I believe that the EC will soon become a popular and reliable source of knowledge.

Coaching is a relatively young field which is still growing and evolving.  This is why we have decided to publish the EC in the form of a website, where frequent updating is possible and easy to do.  A traditional, printed book would not give us these advantages.

This project aims at connecting various approaches in coaching, regardless of the school or way of working with the client, basing both on the most popular as well as niche approaches not only in Poland, but also in the world.  We strive to present coherent and reliable information, at the same time integrating the whole Polish coaching community.

The EC will soon be translated into foreign languages, English first.

What you shall not find amongst our entries is a presentation of  Polish coaches and trainers, even if they are prominent people, with significant accomplishments in the field of coaching.  We have made this decision consciously, as the main goal of the EC is delivering knowledge.  We agreed, that describing particular people would not be appropriate, as the EC could be then perceived as a promotional tool for coaches, which we want to avoid. Additionally, it would be difficult to chose clear criteria for placing certain names in our glossary.

We will be very grateful for all constructive feedback about the EC. Please send emails to:



Phone: +48 881 63 00 63

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