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One of the Neurological levels.  States are more than emotions.  They can be defined in many ways, depending on the concept according to which we describe reality. In Coaching, we say that that they are a sum of thoughts, feelings and accompanying physiological reactions.

It is extremely important to monitor the Coachee ’s state throughout the whole session. For experienced coaches, this is quite simple to do, as, even when The client doesn’t speak about their state themselves, in most cases we see what is happening with them by observing their body language.  It’s good if the Coach consciously leads this process, so that The client always has access to his own resources, in other words – remains in a resourceful state (thanks to which they are more creative).  When the coach notices that the client is entering a non-resourceful state, they should actively influence the client’s state (through interventions and questions), as most often it is useless during a session.

Of course, certain emotions and accompanying them unpleasant feelings can be of value to the Coachee during a meeting.  Nevertheless, it’s good if the coach stays aware of what exactly is happening with their client so that they can deliberately influence their state.



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