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Resignation from the coach’s services

Resignation from the Coach‘s services

Because coaching is a voluntary process, it is always possible for The client to resign from the coach’s services, and what is more rare, the Coach may resign from coaching The client.  We are not talking about a situation where the client’s Goals have been achieved before the end of the contract and for this reason The coaching process comes to an end.  It is rather about a rare situation, when the client reaches a decision to end The coaching process .  This particular case is worth examining from a few perspectives.

I. Reasons for resigning

It is good to begin with looking into the reasons for resignation.  Of course, each Coachee will have their own reasons, however, we may group them in certain categories.

  1. Concerning the coach.  This means that the client did not get along with the coach – his personality, style, Behaviour, temperament or way of working did not suit the client.  In some most extreme cases, there might have been a violation of the ethical code.
  2. Concerning the process.  The client may have had other expectations as to what coaching actually is, what co-operation with a coach looks like and how Responsibility is distributed.  This could happen because when the Coachee ’s needs where being defined and the coaching process described during the Contract meeting , there was a lack of understanding.
  3. Lack of effectiveness.  The client stops the process, because he is not seeing results he expected to achieve in a given period of time.  Such situations – should they take place – most often could result from a lack of communication between the coach and client, therefore, because of insufficient Trust.
  4. Other unexpected circumstances.  For example – lack of funding, loss of job (in Business coaching), a difficult family situation (the client’s sickness or somebody’s, who is close with the client), etc.

II. Formal ending

If we are dealing with a process contracted by a company, then it is necessary to take certain steps to terminate the Agreement.  It would be nice if the coach could meet with the client for a process  summary and also could talk with the sponsor about the whole situation.

In Life coaching , the process is not so formalised, and in most cases it is enough to have a conversation during which the reasons for resigning are clarified.

III. Further steps

Depending on the reasons for resigning, the process is either continued with a different coach or it may come to a definitive end.  How the whole situation shall develop depends on the needs and creativity of the coachee, the company’s expectations, budget, etc.



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