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Team coaching

Team Coaching is a process that concentrates on the support of teams and groups of co-workers in achieving change in a way that matches their needs and expectations as close as possible, and helps them in achieving an expected level of effectiveness of team work. This is a process that supports the group in the achievement of its Goals and improves its competences in chosen by them areas.

Team coaching is based on a partner relationship and mutual Trust between team members and the coach, who apart from having knowledge about this method of work, should also meet a number of other important Criteria, like have extensive experience in working with various teams, understand the processes that take place inside groups and base his work on ethical standards, for example.

Most often, team coaching takes place during normal, everyday team work (working meetings and more formal ones, appointments, project work) although it is possible to hold separate meetings of the whole team dedicated to solving a current Problem or discussing a single issue.  The condition is that the whole team, each member, is present.

The role of a team Coach is rather to accompany the team and make them aware of the processes that are taking place, provide Feedback, show a different perspective from which to look at a Problem , than to give the team ready to use advice and formulas.  Change is an effect of the independent work of a team, and not advice or solutions which have been enforced upon it.  The assumption which lays behind such a method of work is that each team has its own, individual  style, dynamics and most importantly – its group wisdom, and it can, with the support of a coach, find its own path to the expected level of effectiveness.   Even the best ready to use solutions, which have worked for one group, do not necessarily have to be useful to another team.  What is more, in the long-term they may present certain limitations.  The extent to which things are complicated and the delicacy of Interpersonal relationships in a group each time require an individual approach to specific problems.  Of course, inspiration from other, effectively working teams is welcome, nevertheless a given team should try to seek their own path to success.

It is a similar case with a single person, where often an individual approach to development is a lot more effective than solutions which are enforced by experts.

A process of team coaching finds and strengthens what is best in team members.  It improves the organisation not only through the development of individual competences, but also by shaping required attitudes.
Team coaching is a process spread in time, which is why all current results  are reinforced in such a way that they will become even more effective in The future.  That is why team coaching is a company’s  investment into constant and long-term development not only of its teams,  but also individual members.



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