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The circle of life

The most popular tool used in Coaching.

The Circle of Life presents eight spheres of the functioning of man.  The client conducts and analysis of his current situation referring to a level of satisfaction in each of the spheres, and giving them a value of 0 – 100%.

The assumption that a human being functions as a system is extremely useful when working with the Circle of Life, where different spheres influence each other.

The spheres of the Circle of Life may have various names, although most commonly they refer to the same areas of activity:

  1. The material Environment
  2. Health
  3. Career
  4. Personal development
  5. Relathionships
  6. Family
  7. Money
  8. Fun & recreation

What is most important of course, is not the % value ascribed to each of the spheres, but The client’s after-thoughts and conclusions drawn from viewing his life form such a perspective.



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