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Various indicators allowing to recognise or evaluate the subject of analysis.  In many cases The client (and sometimes even the Coach) does not name particular criteria or is unaware of them.  In consequence, most often dependable and honest evaluation becomes impossible.  Criteria can apply to many areas:

  1. Goal accomplishment
  2. Level of change
  3. Session effectiveness
  4. Self-defining
  5. Achievement of a specific emotional state
  6. Others

Lets take as an example a Coachee who claims that they are an ineffective manager.  In order for him to achieve any kind of change, first he needs to become aware of the fact whether this is just his opinion or is it reality confirmed by facts.  In order to do that, it’s helpful if the Coach supports The client in precisely describing the criteria and on their basis performing self-assessment of his managerial competences.  Thanks to this, we have a way of verifying if the Problem is only with the client’s way of thinking or is it real.  We can also determine specific areas for change, which after being formulated properly can become the client’s next coaching targets.



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