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Life coaching

A type of Coaching where The client is a private person.  The client is someone, who himself seeks a Coach and pays for their service.  This is an important distinction, because, for example in Business coaching, it is the organisation which hires a coach for their employee  and pays the coaching fee.

Topics and Goals that are set in life coaching most often concern the client’s private life (although there is no rule or constraints ,and sometimes  topics concerning his professional life are also discussed).

In life coaching, the coach is responsible for the effects of his work only in front of the client (in business coaching, the company which employs the Coachee is also interested in its effects).   The results of the coaching work, contract, Agreement and fee are all agreed directly with the client.

Within the last few years life coaching has become more and more popular in Poland (in Western Europe and USA it is a very common form of supporting development). This is due to the fact that the popularity of coaching as such is growing, and additionally in certain cases it is becoming  an alternative or addition to therapy.

It is difficult to estimate the number of people who are involved in life coaching in Poland today.  The reason for this lack of available data is that there are coaches who are not registered anywhere, do not belong to any group. Additionally, many people work as coaches according to their own personal definition, or work in counseling and call it coaching, because it is a popular and trendy term.  Finally, because as for this moment the profession of a coach is not yet formally registered in Poland, although the Coaching Chamber is currently working to change this.



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