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Manipulation in coaching

The fact of simply writing together these two words seems highly inappropriate.   If we define manipulation as exerting influence on another person against their will and in a manner that is inconsistent with their Values and needs, then Coaching as such, its definition, is a  contradiction of manipulation in all of its forms, because the immanent qualities of coaching, are: honesty, Trust and openness.  Manipulating a client during meetings is against all coaching ethical codes.

If such a situation would actually take place, then it would be absolutely disgraceful, especially because it would happen in a situation where the Coachee has complete Trust in the coach, and in a certain sense – entrusts him with a part of his life.

If such a situation would occur, the manipulating Coach would face legal charges, ostracism of the coaching Environment , negative opinions, as well as – what may actually be the worst consequence of all – it may cause a gradual rejection of the method by potential customers.

The same applies to teaching The client manipulation techniques during coaching sessions,  so that he can achieve his Goals with unethical means of exerting influence.



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