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Leverage point

A term Metaphorically describing a point of intervention, a place of change in the whole system.  In holistic Coaching we treat both The client, his life and Environment , but also The coaching process as parts of the system.    In the light of this approach, the leverage point may verify depending on the point of reference.  The leverage point  is a place where only minor intervention can lead to key change, and where transformation encompasses practically the whole system.

Finding where to apply the lever during a session is often a critical moment which leads to permanent change in the client’s way of thinking, and in consequence – in their way of acting.  We may try to find a leverage point also when using other tools applied in The coaching process (e.g. circle of life).

The leverage point is not obvious from the beginning.  The client reaches it after discovering information about himself, through becoming more conscious about his way of thinking, in other words – thanks to his insights.

The leverage point may reveal itself at any of our Neurological levels. For example, a lever may be the changing of a limiting belief or ones self-definition, dealing with fears, etc.



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