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Levels of listening

There are many classifications of the levels of listening in interpersonal communication.  Depending on the assumed Criteria for a specific typology, each classification is to some extent useful.  It is important, however, that the Coach possesses high interpersonal skills in the area of listening, as it allows The client to be more active during the Coaching process, to build a relationship, as well as creates an atmosphere of Trust.

Below are presented 2 of the useful classifications of the levels of listening.  The first is a concept by F. Schultz von Thun.  according to the author of the book “The Art of Conversation”, each statement is made up from 4 levels:

  1. The matter layer – this is information about facts and data.
  2. The self-revealing – this is information about the sender, that is the emotions that are being experienced by him.
  3. The relationship layer – it shows what the sender thinks about the receiver, about their relationship and what sort of emotions the receiver awakes in him
  4. The appeal – it describes what expectations the sender has in reference to the receiver, that is a sort of intention of speech.

Another approach is by the International Coaching Community:

  1. Listening – a registration of sound waves
  2. Listening to somebody – connected with the interpretation of the meaning by the receiver. This is a normal, every day level of listening in our contacts with other people.
  3. Listening for something– it may be described as searching for information from what The client is saying with the use of filters.
  4. Conscious listening – most useful in coaching, because it is connected with minimum Internal dialogue, and what goes with it – minimum judgement.



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