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Business coaching

Type of Coaching used to improve one’s professional achievements. Topics discussed and Goals set aim at improving professional competence. It is often the case that during business coaching client wants to work on their private life, however it is often in connection with work. As a result, insights from the person’s life are transferred to their professional profile.

In business coaching both HR department and often client’s boss are active participants. HR functions chiefly as an organizer of the whole process i.e. searches for best coaching deals on the market, sets up a meeting between the selected Coach and client’s boss to clarify and discuss the objectives of the process, and lastly handles formal matters (contracts, invoices and deadlines).

Business coaching gives the possibility of achieving development objectives that the organization sets for its staff and, at the same time, expects from the coach that they will be attained (by the Coachee ). Therefore, it is good to refine and detail objectives for The client, so it is possible to  verify them at a later stage. It is also important that The client gives their consent and has high motivation to introduce changes which are expected from them by their company.



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