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Benefits of coaching for the client (coachee)

The main benefit of participating in a Coaching process for The client is first of all the accomplishment of Goals that have been set at the beginning of the process.  This of course is highly individualised.  However, to some extent we may average out the benefits at the end of the whole coaching process.

During The coaching process the level of The client’s self-consciousness increases.  What the client has been unconscious of so far  – he now begins to understand.  For example, the mechanisms of his Behaviour, certain reactions, etc. Thanks to this knowledge, the client gains greater influence over himself and actions that he undertakes.

Thanks to coaching, the client is able to better develop his resources, even those that he was so far unaware of.

Moreover, the client’s effectiveness increases in many areas.  For example,  he may improve the way that he deals with emotions, manages a team or organisation.

Also, new possibilities arise.  This results from the fact that the client is more aware of his assets and works on the areas of development.

In Business coaching, both the client and his Environment notice a more professional approach and attitude, which translates into new opportunities, promotion and better achievements in the professional field.

This in turn increases one’s self confidence and also a sense of security on the labour market.

A large majority of clients also feels that they have better access to their inner strength and a more stable sense of self-esteem.

Also the ability to learn at many levels is not without significance.  Due to analysing the client’s current situation, Problem s, Challenges and also successes and performing various developmental tasks, the Coachee becomes aware of his most effective learning strategy.   After completing The coaching process , this knowledge and abilities are further used by the client, without the coach’s support.

Many clients have the feeling of greater satisfaction and happiness in the critical areas of their lives after the coaching process comes to an end.



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