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A tool used in some Coaching approaches. Brainstorming, as such, is a method to generate ideas in a group of people in a short period of time. It shows best results with both simple and open Problem s that need creative solutions. It is based on the principle of suspended assessment, or, as the originator of this method Alex Osborn called it, the deferred judgment. The main emphasis is put on purposeful influence on the thinking process. In other words, The client has to refer first to his creative mind and next to his evaluative mind, instead of trying to think both critically and with imagination at the same time.

In coaching, the use of this tool may put at risk the entire coaching process due to: crossing the border of guiding The client by the coach, perceiving coach’s new ideas as advising the client [more: advice in coaching] and, as a result, taking on some of the Responsibility by the Coach thus weakening client’s will and impact on their situation. Using Brainstorming during a coaching session both the coach and the client come up with ideas. The main objective of using Brainstorming in coaching is to inspire the client and encourage them to even greater creativity, therefore coach’s words should be treated as non-binding proposals. The invention of new solutions should always be the Responsibility of the client. It is coach’s selection of words that really matters and it should take the form of for example: “There are people who are doing it this way, others in another way, some other like this, and what would be the best option for you?”

During this part of coaching session, which should take no more than 10 minutes, the coach writes down all ideas so that they could be verified by the client later on during the session.



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