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A problem described by The client is often a starting point for the Coaching process.  The client sees a certain issue as a sort of problem and wants to achieve desired change during his meetings with the coach.

The problem is at the same time a description of a situation from the perspective of missing something, imperfectness, lack of effectiveness, disharmony or distractor.  Too much exploration of a problematic situation during a coaching session usually brings negative results.  That is why after a brief introduction of the problem, a goal, that is the expected effects of the process or session, should be formulated.

Dealing with a problematic situation instead of searching for solutions that will enable to achieve the goal may cause to exaggerate the obstacles in the client’s perception, and what goes with it – change his state into an unresourceful one (a bad mood, lack of empowerment, a disability to see resources, etc.).  Additionally, not specifying the target causes chaos during sessions, which hinders both the coach’s and client’s work.  As a result, the effect that the client achieves may be far from acceptable.  That is why working with a problem is perceived as an error in practice.



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