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Price of coaching

The price of one Coaching session depends on many elements, for example: who the Coach is, on the type of coaching, the language in which the coach works, The client’s position in his organization (i.e. his actual influence).  Prices vary from tens to several hundreds of PLN* for a session (60 to 120 minutes).  It is hard to estimate the maximum fees.

The rules of contracting coaching fees are also quite diverse.  The most popular method is agreeing upon a fee per session, and in further order on the estimated number of sessions.

Some coaches offer a price per each hour of their work, others propose a price for the whole coaching process regardless of the number of sessions (only giving the estimated number of meetings).

Rarely do coaches work on a success-fee basis.

From the Western Europe’s and US perspective Poland belongs to the group of countries where the price of a coaching session is relatively high in comparison to average wages, for example.  This is justified, as coaching is a fairly new practice, in it’s growth stage, with it’s popularity still increasing.  Moreover, many companies value such a form of supporting their employees’ development due to its high effectiveness.


*1 EUR = 4,2 PLN



Phone: +48 881 63 00 63

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