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The highest of all Neurological levels.  The spiritual level describes a sphere of most important questions for each man.  For example: Why am I here? What is my goal at a deeper level? What is my destiny? The level of spirituality is connected with the contemplation of religion and of one’s own inner development, depending on our philosophy of life.

In Coaching, especially Business coaching, this area is explored extremely rarely, although undoubtedly, is very important for the development of every human being.  It describes how we as people are connected at a higher level as well as how we connect with a higher force regardless of how we define it.

It is a truism to say that everybody possesses a spiritual level, though it is not equally important for everyone.  For this reason spirituality is a subject seldom discussed in coaching.  Many people prefer to concentrate on improving the effectiveness of their activities during their coaching experience.  In order to accomplish this, most often there is no need to reach into such deep areas.



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