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Process goals

This is the outcome or description of the state The client aims to reach at the end of the whole Coaching process.  The Criteria which this goal should match are very similar to those of the session as a goal, but can be more general.  The time perspective is described through the end of the whole process. Upon average, depending on the work methodology, it may be set for half a year (5 – 9 meetings in intervals of 3-4 weeks). Process orientation is one of the most important elements of the whole coaching process as it allows to set the direction of working with The client.

For the client, it works as a point on the horizon which they want to reach.  The Coach has a clear direction to which they can lead the process (ask questions, make interventions and choices or use appropriate tools).  Leading a process without a defined goal may not be effective, because even if the client does make some changes in their life, they may not have a point of reference.  Also, change often takes place in a fluent manner and sometimes the client will not feel it happening as the process has been spread over a period of many months.  In such cases it may be difficult to notice that change has actually taken place.



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