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Mental maps

This is a Metaphorical term for the way of mapping the outside world in a person’s mind.  We assume that a human being is unable to perceive all signals coming from his surroundings, he only sees selected ones.  The only data that does get through, is the data that can pass the so-called Perception filters.  From the information that is registered, the human mind creates a mirror of the outside world, a mental map.  As any map, this too contains many simplifications and distortions.  Unconsciously, only information which for some reason seems to be important in a given moment for this person, is applied.

For example Values , beliefs, experiences, performed profession, needs, language or the perception of time – are all perception filters.

From the perspective of how the human mind functions, we can say that a human being does not respond to his Environment , but to data coming form his map.  In other words, if a given element is not presented on the map,  then most probably it will not be noticed.

Coaching sessions, especially in holistic Coaching, are in great extent devoted to working with The client’s mind maps, to his perception of reality.  A change in the perception of the Environment generates new reactions, activates resources and revalues experiences.



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