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ABCDE method

This tool, based on immediate question-and-answer exchange, is used when a client notices his or her pessimistic thoughts, which in some way interfere with thinking about achieving the aim. The positive effect of using this method may also be challenging and, as  a result, changing one’s limiting beliefs.

The name (acronym) derives from the words: adversity, beliefs, consequences, disputing and energizing.

It is a quick response to doubts that arise. The procedure itself is carried out in five steps, following the words from the acronym:

A – Adversity (Pessimistic Assessment) – a thought about possible obstacles appears, negative assessment of the situation

B – Beliefs – client identifies his or her routine beliefs behind the first thought

C – Consequences – client looks for negative consequences of his or her current way of thinking

D – Disputing your routine beliefs – this may mean changing client’s way of thinking by looking from another perspective, reframing, finding resources etc.

E – Energizing – reinforcing the effect of new way of thinking as well as new belief


The ABCDE method can be used by the Coach as a development task.



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