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When beginning the Coaching process it’s advisable to formalize all agreements.  It is both in the coach’s and customer’s interests to sign a contract.  A written contract is most often the basis of performing the service.  Below are listed elements, which a coaching written agreement should contain:

  1. What the service is, what is included, what is its nature
  2. The number of sessions and the duration of a single meeting
  3. An approximate time of its realisation
  4. The coach’s obligations
  5. The customer’s obligations
  6. Confidentiality clause
  7. Price and payment terms

Of course, depending on the expectations of both parties, the contract may contain more points, for example the procedure of cancelling a session, the place of holding sessions or steps concerning the contract’s cancellation.

A written contract of providing a coaching service should be constructed in a way that protects the interests of both parties involved.



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