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The word kaizen means constant improvement and perfecting in a method of little steps.  It may apply to practically every area of life (personal life, work, etc.). It is a quality philosophy and a never ending process of improvement.  In Coaching we may use the kaizen approach to introduce change, both from the coach’s and Coachee ’s perspectives.  That is why, amongst others, coaching is a process which takes place over a period of a few months, because it gives the Coachee time and space to introduce permanent changes in a step-by-step, evolutionary method.

During sessions, The client conducts analysis, makes discoveries and gathers insights, whilst during the time lapsing between meetings he can systematically and gradually implement change in his life.  Such a manner of introducing change is on one hand safer, and on the other has a more lasting effect, mainly because of the possibility of working on habits that can block change.

It is hard to foresee the dynamics of the coachee’s change, therefore there are other, more radical than the kaizen method approaches to change possible.



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