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If we define judging as a way of evaluating others, then this mechanism is contradictory with the spirit of Coaching. The Coach should always treat his client with openness and respect.  Such an attitude  leads to even greater openness and security in the coach-client relationship.  The Coachee ’s Behaviour (as long as it fits in the coach’s ethical norms and value system) should be seen as a source of analysis, material to draw conclusions from, and what goes with this – learning.

Both negative (which is quite obvious) and positive evaluation may have an adverse impact on the process of change. Even when giving The client favourable Feedback about himself, the coach may give an impression that he is above others, that he has some advantage over other people. Before judging other people coaches should have their authorisation or consent. Even so, such relationships most often have a negative impact on the whole coaching process.

It’s important to distinguish between judging and giving Feedback, which is based on observable Behaviour and does not contain a grading/evaluating element, at least that is how it is in coaching.

Additionally, there is appraisal and Recognition which have different impact.  Appraisal, which often contains some evaluation elements, although positive, is still a form of judging.  This is why coaches most often use words of Recognition because this is a more effective mechanism in The coaching process .  Praising on the other hand unconsciously influences The client, according with the conditioning mechanism.



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