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Clearing – the coach’s state

This term has two meanings.  Clearing may be used at two levels.  The first applies to relationships and the second to the Coach himself, his emotions, thoughts, and access to his resources.

During a meeting, the Coach should devote 100% of his attention and involvement to The client.  Sometimes though, the coach’s personal matters impact his emotions and hinder the session.  To avoid this, it is recommended that before the session begins, the coach puts himself in a resourceful state.  Most often this is connected with a certain calming of emotions, self-control over thoughts, concentration and mindfulness.   Thanks to this, the coach may redirect his attention from his inner-self (eg. Internal dialogue) towards the client.  In order to clear himself in the extent of his inner state, coaches use different tools.  Meditation and relaxation techniques are amongst the most popular methods.

If the situation in the coach’s private life is so serious that he will not be able to effectively conduct a session, the meeting should be cancelled to give the coach time to arrange his private matters so that they do not absorb him excessively during his work.



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