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A coach – a person working either full time or partially next to working in another profession, who possesses necessary qualifications.

At the present there are basically no legal regulations concerning this profession. It is the market which does the verification. Some coaches are employed more often than others.

Coaches who have obtained a certificate in one of the major international organisations seem to enjoy greater popularity. However, completing such a training does not in any way guarantee whether the coach will have customers or not.  Chances are, that a coach with competences confirmed by an international certificate will be more effective (it is also a form of quality work guarantee for The client), but also the certificate gives the coach  greater confidence in the process, usage of tools and in his contacts with the Coachee .

Alongside with certified coaches, there are people working in this profession who have not finished any coaching training and do not belong to any organisation.  Their effectiveness may sometimes be similar or even greater than that of certified coaches (effectiveness does not depend alone on having a certificate). However, a few doubts arise. Firstly, is what is offered as coaching reality IT? Secondly, what approach does this coach represent? Finally, what ethical code of conduct (if any) does this coach follow and where can I file a complaint should there be any abuse?

Concluding, anyone today can call themselves a coach as long as they have customers.  However, the market verifies the competences of coaches on a regular basis due to the growing popularity of coaching and greater diversity of schools.  Nonetheless, when Choosing a coach , The client should check what are the qualifications of this person who is going to support their development.



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