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Paraphrase is a communication tool which is used to confirm the level of understanding of what has been said.  Most often Coaches paraphrase long sentences, so the general meaning of the statement is usually reworded.  In coaching paraphrase is a useful tool, although, as with many things, when used too much it may stop serving its function.  Most often a Coach uses a paraphrase when he wants to precisely understand what The client had in mind and also demonstrate that he is an active listener.

Examples of sentences beginning with a paraphrase:

If I have understood correctly….

From what you have said I understand, that……

So…. / This means that…..

A paraphrase is an affirmative sentence.  We expect either The client to confirm or deny what the coach has just understood and said.  If the message has been misunderstood then the client most often provides an extra explanation.



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