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Whiteness – the attitude of a holistic coach

During a Coaching session, the Coach assumes a specific attitude, which we may call “being a whiteness”.  The coach concentrates all of his attention on The client and the broadly understood process of change.  The Coachee , if possible, widens the scope of his consciousness through the means of insights and a deeper understanding of his motives, whilst the coach plays the role of an active whiteness.  He is present, but his engagement is limited to the participation in the process of change in a reasonably distanced way.  He is present and actively involved in the dialogue, but in reality, to an extent that is possible, he leaves The client in his own world.  Coaching questions and interventions made by the coach serve mainly the Coachee himself – to name the processes of looking for effective Strategies or discovering rules, which are both useful as well as which require a change in the way of thinking.

Being a whiteness is manifested in many ways, for example by avoiding questions which are characteristic for casual conversations or introductions, such as: tell me, if I understood correctly… etc.  They would draw attention to the coach, whilst it is crucial for the client to explore his world by himself.  Another way of being a whiteness is not to play any role in The drama triangle , that is to assume a metaposition for the observation of the whole system.



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