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Trial session

This is a Coaching session provided for free with the purpose of encouraging The future client to use the coach’s services.  Although a certain group of coaches (in Poland) offer their clients trial sessions, this is not a very popular practice.  Another possibility for beginning cooperation is to set a so-called Contract meeting , so that both parties can get to know each other better. Sometimes both approaches are combined and used at the same time.

This situation, quite typical for coaching (especially for beginning coaches) is actually rather seldom seen in other professions (like psychotherapists, doctors or lawyers).

Although used by certain coaches, trial sessions may involve threats.  For example, a Coachee may meet with several coaches and have a trial session with each one of them.  If this should actually happen, the Coachee would receive the whole coaching process for free.  Such sessions though would not enable The client to truly enter The coaching process like he would have if these meetings were conducted by one coach.

A trial session can be treated by a Coach as his promotion tool, or an attempt to provide an answer to the question of what coaching is, in the case when the coachee does not have a clear picture of what he is deciding on, and whether this method will be appropriate for him.



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