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Transpersonal coaching

An approach in Coaching popularised by J. Whitmore, which belongs to holistic coaching.  The model which lies at the basis of the transpersonal approach in coaching is psychosynthesis – created by dr Roberto Assagioli.  This is a trend, which has its roots in psychoanalysis, but which takes into account the higher nature of man and includes the examination of transpersonal and transcendent  aspects -amongst others: spiritual, mystical and religious – of a human’s experience.  According to the Journal of Transpersonal Psychology – transpersonal psychology „…deals with the examination of the highest human potential and also the identification, understanding as well as achievement of unifying – spiritual and transcendental – States of our consciousness”.

Transpersonal coaching takes into account the individual’s spiritual development, emphasizes the creative potential that can be found in each Problem , and enables to discover the most important Goals in life.  It allows for a balance between psychological integration, material success, Spirituality and the world of individual Values .

This approach in coaching, to a large extent, bases on models of transpersonal psychology, which means that there is a shift from the operational aspects of coaching and pressure for business results, and more stress is put on spiritual values, or, in other words, on the achievement of better business results through spiritual value.



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