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The present state

The time during a session when The client talks about his present situation.  This may be the specifying a Problem , a subject or Challenges.

This usually happens at the beginning of a session, when the Coach, with the use of questions, helps The client to name his Target state, that is what he expects the effects of the sessions / process to be.

A description of the present state is an element of the session, that plays an extremely important role.  On the one hand, it allows the Coach to obtain information (eg. at which neurological level has the Problem appeared – from the Coachee ’s perspective) and on the other hand, it holds a threat of changing the client’s state into an unresourceful one.  This happens in situations, when the client talks too much about his problems, and the coach, unaware of the consequences, further explores the subject.  In such a case, it is fairly easy for the client to feel a lack of strength and discouragement.

Therefore, the time devoted to the exploration of the present state should be reduced to the necessary minimum, so that the client can briefly present his situation, and then the coach moves along to the next elements of The coaching process



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