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The plural form and possessive pronouns

The basis of Coaching is to enable The client to increase his own Responsibility .  The more elements in his life he becomes responsible for, the greater influence he will have.  Using the plural form and saying “we”, “our goal”, “what we will achieve” – deprives the Coachee of the possibility to think about himself in a fully responsible way.  If the Coach says: “what goal do we want to achieve during today’s session?” then contradictory thoughts may cross The client’s mind, because this means that he is not able to achieve the expected results on his own and needs somebody to help him.  The coaching process is limited in time, and after it comes to an end, the client is left alone with his Challenges.  That is why it is the coach’s job to make sure that the client believes in himself and becomes as independent as possible.  He should emphasise this by using suitable language during his meetings with the Coachee .



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