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The International Coaching Community

The ICC is one of the largest professional membership organizations for Coaches in the world.  It was founded by Joseph O’Connor and Andrea Lages-O’Connor and is registered in London as a not for profit organisation.  The ICC associates only people who have the ICC coaching certificate and as of 2011 has approximately 6000 registered members in over 60 countries.

The ICC accredits coaches world wide(while the ICF, for example, accredits schools and training programs) basing on the same training program.  It offers training at different levels and of different specialties.  The program is unified, the same as the rules of certification.  There are some small differences between the training programs in various countries, but they most often result from  cultural differences.  The substantive core of the training remains unchanged.  Coaches receive life-time certificates.

What distinguishes the ICC from other organisations is that it initiates social projects in education, for example organises various meetings, conferences, webinars and encourages the exchange of experience through different networks (Social Campus, Coaching partners etc.)

The ICC is the most dynamically developing coaching organisation in the world (counting the increase of members in a given period of time), although is relatively young (founded in 2001).



Phone: +48 881 63 00 63

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