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The European Quality Award (EQA) – EMCC

The EQA is an independent quality award granted to the providers of Coaching and mentoring. This award confirms the high qualifications and services of the awarded subject, that meet stringent European standards in a given professional field.  This is a globally recognised, highly esteemed award.  It is an integral and essential step in building the credibility of coaching and mentoring and confirming their status.

This award is given in Recognition of an excellent and well prepared training offer meeting strict quality norms in the extent of:

– the framework and content of the training

– the concept behind the training

– the process and course of the training

– excellent preparation of the trainers

– basing on good practice

–  an optimum balance between the exercise of skills, reflection, coaching models and planning

– clear evaluation procedures

– procedures ensuring quality

The European Quality Award:

Is free from the influence of coaching providers and organisations

Is given for high quality work

Is based on European Quality Standards

Is globally recognised

What does the EQA give?

  • To participants of the training courses – confidence, that the content they are going to learn is of high quality, relevant to and recognised by the market where they are going to work,
  • Purchasers of coaching services – confidence, that the coach’s training program meets quality requirements,
  • HR and Learning Development specialists – the possibility to chose the best programs for the development of their own managers and leaders in coaching skills

In Poland, there are two organisations which have the right to use the logo of the award: ICC (trainers accredited by the ICC) and the Norman Benett Academy



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