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The comfort zone

This is what we call a psychological safety zone.  The comfort zone is made up of habits, customs, beliefs and Strategies – in other words everything that we know and is easy for us.  These elements build up confidence, even when The client does not accept their results -which can even be painful for him.  What we desire and want to achieve is at the same time new, and may invoke anxiety and disturbance.  Human beings as systems may subconsciously sabotage attempts of leaving their sphere of comfort, of implementing change.  In order for a Coachee to achieve change, they often have to leave their comfort zone, which in turn involves unpleasant emotions – that is why often change is so difficult to achieve.  In order to help The client leave his comfort zone, the Coach most often construct special Development tasks .  Transition can take place slowly, step by step – but it may also happen suddenly.  All this depends on the time we have available, the willingness of the client and the type of goal.

Leaving the comfort zone-  despite apparent advantages like accomplishing a goal – also enables the client to examine and accept their own emotions and new reactions so that when this process comes to an end they have greater skill in achieving change by themselves.

It is important that while being under the coach’s care and with his support the client systematically increases his comfort zone.  This in turn leads to the client having greater possibilities in The future, because  he is more flexible in Behaviour  and independent in his actions.

Sometimes clients give up on taking advantage of interesting occasions that arise – only because they require leaving their comfort zone.  By systematically increasing its boundaries, they have a better chance of leading a more satisfying life.



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