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The client does not perform his development tasks

Because of the assumption that The client on deciding to participate in the Coaching process is highly motivated to change and achieve desired results, when we are dealing with a situation where he is not performing his Development tasks , we cannot draw obvious conclusions about the reasons for this.  This situation is worth examining in two aspects:

A single failure to perform the task – in this situation the Coach leads the process in such a way, that The client is able to learn something important from it.

A repeated failure to perform assigned tasks – this is a lot more complex.  Clients usually have very good excuses for not performing their tasks – most often them being a lack of time.  However, it is not about the explanation, because this would mean, that the client wants to accomplish his Goals more for the coach than for himself, which is not true.  The reasons for the client repeatedly not performing his tasks may be because of his internal resistance to change.  The client – as an integrated system – resists (sabotages) his own actions, because often what is new, even better in may ways – is still unknown.  That is why some unconscious fears may arise.  It is recommended, that the coach allows his client to overcome them.  Another group of reasons for not performing the tasks may be low motivation to change.  In such a case, the coach should openly talk to his client about his Goals; whether or not they are attractive to him, and in extreme cases even discuss whether or not it is worthwhile to continue The coaching process .



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