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Tasks reinforcing symptoms

This is a type of development task which strengthens the pattern on which The client bases his way of thinking and acting.  Performing such a task allows The client to notice the principles according to which he has been acting so far.  Furthermore, it teaches him greater influence and control over the way he acts.  This often leads to the elimination of undesirable Behaviour.

A task reinforcing a symptom channels undesirable Behaviour and habits, thus making dealing with them easier.  Performing such a task may at first invoke resistance on part of the client, however, its effects often are surprising.

A task reinforcing symptoms should: magnify the symptom and lengthen the time and intensity of what the client does not accept in his behaviour.


  • When a client is nervous before a meeting the task should amplify his level of emotions
  • When a client concentrates on the negative –  the task allows him to do so for only  15 selected minutes a day

Because great precision and caution is required when constructing these type of tasks, they are recommended for rather more experiences and skilled Coaches.



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