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Support between session

Coaching, especially holistic, is a process spread in time.  That is why it is possible to support The client during and also between sessions.  Apart from tasks which The client needs to do, he may sometimes also require other forms of help.  Supporting the client between sessions is not a very popular practice, because the assumption of Coaching is that the Coachee should be as independent as possible.  If there is a real need to provide the client with additional support between sessions, and that it will be beneficial to the process of change and learning – then such help is recommended.  It is important that the support provided has certain Structures , and that it proceeds – in a certain sense – in a controlled way, i.e. as it has been contracted at the beginning of the process.  The reason for this is not to lead the client step by step and enable him to avoid making decisions on his own or act independently.

Most often support is provided in the form of telephone consultations, talking through skype or exchanging emails between sessions.  It is also possible to send additional materials.  It is good if the client on the one hand feels that the Coach supports him, but on the other has a sense of freedom.   There is also a possibility (very undesired but fortunately also very rare) that this support turns into over-dependence, and the client becomes addicted to his coach. That is why it is advisable that the Coachee does not cross the frames that have been agreed upon at the beginning of the meetings.  The coach makes sure that the borders set at the beginning are not crossed.



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