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Social Panorama

This is a model  that can be used also in Coaching.  This tool has been created in the 1990s by Lucas Derks on the basis of an NLP concept.  The social panorama provides insight into the rules of how a client unconsciously maps his Environment , and provides techniques to change this, thanks to which The client changes his attitude to himself and to his surroundings.  In consequence, the Coachee gains greater influence over his life, especially in the context of building Interpersonal relationships and solving conflicts.

The mechanism of the social panorama bases on the discovery of principles according to which we organise our surroundings on our mental map.  The first step is to find out how we project people.  The next step is to modify this projection accordingly.  Thanks to changes at the level of content, like for example, decreasing or changing the location of a person represented on the mental map, the attitude towards this person also changes (which may improve the relationship, decrease the degree of stress during personal meetings) etc.

Additionally, the Social Panorama enables to change at the submodality level, that is to modify the way pictures, sounds and sensations are perceived, regardless of interfering with the content of the picture.

This concept embraces a whole range of simple intervention techniques as well as very advanced, multi-stage tools for change.

For a skillful coach, this model may be an extremely effective tool of working with clients.



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