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Session frequency

The duration of intervals between sessions is  each time agreed with The client, taking into account factors like: the length of the whole process, types of Goals or Challenges as well as the availability of the Coach and The client himself.

Depending on individual experience and the Coach’s methodological approach, different versions are acceptable.  Most often the gaps between sessions range from 2 to 4 weeks, but some coaches work on a weekly basis.

intervals between meetings longer than one month seem of little value, as the client may lose the continuity of the process of change in the whole cycle of coaching sessions.  Most often it is too long a time because impressions and memories of former meetings fade away from the client’s memory.

Planning an appropriate amount of time between successive sessions is essential for the Coachee to give him enough time to: perform Development tasks , for the interpretation, consideration and assimilation of the sessions outcomes, as well as to allow necessary change of certain habits which prevent the client from reaching his goal to take place.



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