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self+management (bz the coach during a coaching session)

This term may be understood in many ways.  In this case it refers to the Coach’s Behaviour, thoughts and his state during a session.  If a session is to bring the best possible results, the Coach should take proper care of his own functioning.

If we treat the coach as a “tool” in the whole coaching process, then this “tool” should be as efficient as it possibly can in order to bring satisfying results.  The coach’s role understood in such a way requires the engagement of his full potential.

It is very good when the coach has control over his own thoughts, as they influence his concentration level, choice of tools, intuition, etc.  Also the coach should control his behaviour, because it influences The client and it is best when this influence is deliberate.  Moreover, the coach should have control over his emotions, so that their expression also serves the Coachee .  For example, too strong syntony may hinder conducting an effective session because too much empathy may lead to limited rational and cool observation from a metaposition.



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