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Scaling questions

This is a tool used amongst others to determine the subjective level of the coahcee’s internal States.  When, according to a Coach, a client needs to become more aware of the level of his feelings, he may ask the Coachee to determine the level of his emotions at this very moment in any scale (for example, from 1 to 10).  The Coachee defines by himself what for him is a minimum and a maximum as well as where in the scale he feels he is at this moment.

Additionally, scaling questions may be used to clarify target States (for example measuring Goals at the level of feelings – that is what the coachee wants the feel at the end of the session).  For example, The client comes to a conclusion, that at the moment he is unable to perform a task because he is lacking motivation and he describes his current state with a 3.  In this case the Coach may ask his client what level of motivation does he need to achieve in order to take action.  If it is an 8, then the work during a session is described as eliminating the difference (the discrepancy between a 3 and an 8), that is achieving a Target state, that is motivation at the level of 8.

The coach may ask further questions, like what does 4 mean for The client and what does 8, although often this is unnecessary.  In most cases, the coachee knows for himself what an 8 means for him and what consequences it will cause.



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