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Provocative coaching

A way of conducting a Coaching session which is based on techniques of provocation.   Frank Farelli is the author of this approach, which he has used during his therapeutic sessions.  With time, this method has been picked up by some coaches and coaching trainers as an extremely successful intervention tool.

According to the advocates of this approach, provocative coaching should consist of three critical elements:

  1. 1. Humour
  2. 2. Provocative interventions
  3. 3. An attitude of respect, warmth and kindness on the coach’s part

A Coach who uses the provocative approach can use many techniques, which are not used in traditional coaching, for example: mock The client’s Problem , exaggerate his situation, belittle his problems, putting on an act and pretend that he didn’t hear what The client has said, does not understand him or has a different opinion.  Because of the nature of these interventions, the provocative approach requires a great deal of sense and skill on the coach’s part and, what is worth stressing, a big dose of kindness in respect of the client.

Provocative interventions evoke many emotions in the client, like anger, irritation but also happiness.

It is useful to use certain provocative tools  in coaching, of course as long as the coach feels competent to do so, but not necessarily to conduct the whole session basing on this method.  However, there are probably a few coaches who use this approach throughout the whole session.

Apart from Frank Farelli (only therapy) there are other well known coaches-trainers who work according to the provocative approach, like Nick Kemp,  Noni Höffner, , Jaap Hollander or Jeffrey Wijnberg, for example.  Also in Poland there are some coaches and trainers who work on popularising this approach.



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