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Perception filters

A human mind unconsciously selects information coming from the outside world. During just one second 11.000.000 bytes of information get through to our brains.  In order to handle this abundance of information, our minds use so-called perception filters.

Only part of the data makes it past our perception filters, the rest remains unnoticed. What actually makes its way through to our minds is material from which a so-called perception map is created.

If we should change our filters, an entirely different set of information would pass to our minds, causing a change in the perception of reality.  The Coach, through his work, provides his client with the possibility to change or re-organise his filters. This means that The client will be able to notice new things in his Environment , and what follows –has an opportunity to modify his actions into more useful ones.

Below is a list of some perception filters:

  • Values
  • Beliefs
  • Experience
  • Profession
  • Language
  • The way time is perceived
  • Identity

During a session, the Coach identifies The client’s filters and together with him verifies them in terms of whether or not they are useful and will support the achievement of the Coachee ’s Goals.



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