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A way a person perceives reality is highly individualised, therefore thoughts that are generated in effect of observing the surroundings are often complicated and chaotic. In order to be able to communicate with other people, we make certain operations at the level of language:

We provide a simplified version – distorting the meaning

We select only certain information – the rest is deleted

We generalise – ignore certain topics

In Coaching, the ability to use the language precisely is the basis of professional communication.  The main form of communication are questions, which allow to:

– gather information

– explain certain meaning

– notice limitations

– discover opportunities

– find resources

A meta model is, in great simplification, a way of asking questions, the purpose of which is the reversal and disentanglement of deletions, distortions and generalisations of statements made by the Coachee .  Because of having a selective perception of reality, people create their own models of the world Mental maps ).  In order to find out what is the meaning of the words expressed by a coachee, the Coach asks suitable questions which allow The client to reach to the true meaning of his own statements.

The basic models have been discussed in separate entries.



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