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Interpersonal relationships

They are a key element of every Coaching process.  To a large extent, the Coachee makes his decision about which Coach to work with depending on the quality of this relationship. Also the course of the meetings as well as the effectiveness of the whole process (to a certain degree )depend on the quality of this relationship.  The interpersonal relationship is important also because it plays an important role in building Trust on The client’s part – both towards the coach as well as The coaching process in general.  A good relationship helps both sides to open up and touch upon key subjects, to speak freely and provide Feedback.

In general,  the coach is more flexible and thus has a greater influence over the shaping of a positive relationship, whilst The client usually concentrates rather on himself and on achieving his desired and planned results.  Of course, at the end of the day, both the coach and the client have an impact on the quality of their relationship.  Building proper interpersonal relationships is sort of a closed circle:   what one person does influences the other.  Sometimes ,the quality of the relationship may undergo certain fluctuations.  When we deal with a deterioration of quality, its worth that the coach analyses what could be the reason for this. For example  -it may be a misinterpretation of what the client has communicated, a question which was too direct, a mistake of asking questions guiding the client in the wrong direction, etc.  Regardless for the reason, it is recommended that the coach – if he thinks that such an intervention is helpful – clears his relationship with the client, and if possible, improves the quality of the contact.

Coaching is a dynamic and unpredictable process.  This is why it is possible that the client changes his Goals or expectations during his work with the coach.  The Coachee may reach such a decision as a result of discoveries or insights he has made during the process, or when he becomes aware of the principles ruling over his Behaviour and thinking process.  That is why it seems that following the client and maintaining a relationship based on openness and Trust is more important then using this or other tool.



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