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Internal dialogue

Internal dialogue – an element of the thinking process’s structure which plays an important part in the process of change.  The quality of the way of thinking of the Coachee, including his internal dialogue, is a part of how he interprets reality, which in turn has direct impact on his emotional state, decisions made and way of acting.  When the internal dialogue plays a preservative role or limits reaching the Coachee ’s goal, the coach’s role is to lead the process in such a way, that The client realizes the actual function of his dialogue and makes necessary changes.

The client is usually treated as a system during the process of change, with proper care taken of his ecology (consequences for the system).  That is why change is not induced through the elimination of an inadequate dialogue , but the first step is made when The client discovers its positive intentions.  Only after being aware of this mechanism and acting in accordance with it – is harmonious change possible.

The internal dialogue can also play a role of supporting change, in which case a Coach can even  strengthen this mechanism.



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