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Indirect tasks

This is a type of developmental task where the accomplishment goal is unknown to The client.  Only after completing the task, does he find out about the effect that he was supposed to reach.  Sometimes, conclusions are drawn during the next session, when the Coach inspires The client to think about the outcome of the task.  These types of tasks are mostly based on the performance of various activities.

When constructing an indirect task, the Coach has a certain idea about what he would like to show the client and how he is going to do it.  What thinking pattern the client should overcome, what he should learn or discover.  The effects of performing such tasks may be a Change of beliefs, habits, the discovery of some key Values or coping with fear.  Often, an important element of this task is moving out of The comfort zone, thanks to which the client gains greater flexibility in the way he thinks and acts.

Examples of i Direct tasks :

  • Performing something in a different than always way
  • Going someplace alone (like the cinema, restaurant)
  • Talking with a stranger
  • Arranging help for someone who needs it

Depending on the coach’s intentions, each of these tasks are individually constructed and precisely explained to the client.



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