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First session

A majority of the most popular Coaching methodologies suggests a process approach, which is made up of a certain number of meetings.  For this reason, the first session differs a bit from the rest.  Of course, this depends on the level of preparation, and whether or not the planned results of the whole process have been precisely described, both by the Coachee and by the sponsor – who in most cases is an employee of the HR department (in Business coaching).

During the first session, the following issues are touched upon and discussed: formulation and clarification of Goals for the whole process, learning the Coachee ’s individual needs, agreeing upon a communication contract, as well as  the presentation of The client’s current situation (present state) – which results form the logic of the process .

The Goals, which are clarified  during the first session, apply to the whole coaching process and are verified during the final session and – if agreed – also during a summarising meeting with the sponsor.

By contract, we understand the Agreement on basic principles of co-operation, both communication rules, such as how the Coach and coachee are going to address one another, as well as openness and consent to receive Feedback, and also organisational  issues.

If formal matters have been discussed quickly and effectively, then in most cases the main part of the session begins.



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