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Finishing the coaching process

When the whole Coaching process comes to an end and the last session takes place, then comes the time to verify the effects of the Coach – client cooperation.  Depending on the stage of goal accomplishment, the last session maybe be devoted either entirely to summary, or, partly to the continuation of The coaching process and partly to its evaluation.  The coach refers to the targets which The client had set himself for the whole cycle of meetings, and, what is important, to Behavioural Criteria of their accomplishment.  All targets should be verified. Additionally, The client may share his impressions about the whole process, what other – apart from accomplishing targets – important things happened.   How did his perception of reality change, of himself, The future. How can he use what he has experienced and learnt during sessions in the future. It’s worth asking the client about his impressions, his feelings of working with a coach.  If the preliminary Agreement assumes some formal measurement tool, then this is the time to apply it and discuss its results, if the client has access to them.

See: the evaluation of the effects of coaching



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