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Faith in the coachee

You can say that having faith in a client is the Coach’s specific duty.  If this element is lacking, that is if the Coach does not believe in the successful achievement of Goals by his Coachee , then it is strongly recommended that he does not get involved in working with this person.  Even when the coach tries to disguise his lack of faith, the Coachee may feel it at an unconscious level.  A lack of faith may be observed in the types of tasks the coach proposes or questions he asks.

Coaching bases on the assumption that The client has considerably larger influence than he realises.  The question is how to reach him.  Here is where the coach helps. This form of support is only possible when the coach believes that there is something to find.  If he doesn’t, then most surely he will not be able to help The client.

In this relationship, the coach and client know little about the other person, therefore the coach does not know what the potential of his coachee.  The coachee has lived his life and has most probably been  successful in various fields, therefore he must be effective.  However, at this moment he needs the support of someone who believes in him even though he himself has doubts.  That is why faith in the client is a basic element of the coach’s attitude.



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